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History Remembers by AuroraLaLune History Remembers :iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 2 0 One by AuroraLaLune One :iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 1 0
Sing To Me
Sing to me a story of things we long to be
Sing to me of dragons flying high in the sky
Sing to me of knights and queens
Oh sing of simpler times when we believed in heroes. Sing to me of simpler times when we believed goodness within us all would win. Sing to me of days when we still believed.
And sing to me of honor and where good never dies
Sing to me of happy endings and happy beginnings for all
Sing to me a story where someone always saves the damsel and monsters they never win
Oh sing to me of simpler times when we still believed in heroes. Sing to me of simpler times when we believed there was goodness within us all. Sing to me of days when we still believed.
Sing to me a story of adventures among fish in the sea
And sing to me of a moon and stars we can touch like we touch an evergreen
But I have had enough of this world of greed
So please
Sing to me of a world that's free
Sing to me of simpler times when we still believed in heroes. Sing to me of simpler times when we st
:iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 0 0
Through The Woods by AuroraLaLune Through The Woods :iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 1 0 Comic by AuroraLaLune Comic :iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 1 0
Empowerment Through Inclusion
If you must name it then you do not know what it means
To simply treat one another like we are all just human beings
For empowerment through inclusion is simply being equal to one another
We are all human before our labels, a parent, a sister a brother
So before you think that something like this is quite amusing
Please consider that we might find this best quite bemusing
That you say that you want to help but then cannot see beyond
What you see are less than people without the power to correspond
A bird within a horizon,
A flower blooming softly caught within a mizzen,
A moonbeam shining softly easing a heart so truly woeful,
A child's laughter playing joyful,
So many things I could tell you if you but wanted to understand
But you cannot see beyond this divide carved within the sand
So when I speak you do not hear the words of just a poet whom to compose is able
Instead you hear the words of someone considered less for the crime of being labeled
It is me you say that my perception is
:iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 1 0
Arbor Day
We plant our trees today
So with time they will rise above our heads one day
Our trees absorb carbon monoxide from the air
Beloved trees they are that make clean oxygen so fair
It is easy to forget with all the smog and the pollution
The importance of a tree within societies internal revolutions
Is often lost within the hustle
Or straight up left behind in the bustle
The plight of our trees cut down faster than they can grow up
Deforestation is still one of societies many hiccups
For us trees make the air that we breath often without for them thought
But for so many things we do not realize even that is not all that is wrought
They grow from the mulch of other dead plants
They provide shelter for birds, squirrels, and ants
Beneath them we might find depending on the kind
A potatoes in the roots or a mushroom growing between roots twine
So many trees exist in the world
Each one of them precious from the time that they've unfurled
For each tree be they vast or not
Comes from but a seed s
:iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 0 0
To Love Of Literature by AuroraLaLune To Love Of Literature :iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 3 0
The Measure Of The World
There is a point and a time you will one day realize
It hits you like a bulb turning on
and on it goes
When we were young we wanted to change the world
And when we are older so many carry on
But so many give up, changed by the world instead
But the weight of the world is what measures up to us
And so many break under the weight of the world
And the world measures up to us, the mistake is measuring up to the world
As we grow up we realize, changing the world is no easy task
For all those people who fight to change the world there are three more fighting to keep it the way it is
And so many voices silenced or crying out while so many others stand by doing nothing
A world built on greed and cries from the innocent as you stand by letting it happen
So listen to me this one time
There is a point you one day realize
You'll one day realize
The measure of the world we live in is made by you
We can change the world
But the mistake so many make
Is being changed by the world instead
:iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 0 0
Rock Garden by AuroraLaLune Rock Garden :iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 1 0 Edge Of The Night by AuroraLaLune Edge Of The Night :iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 12 0 Eyes Sketch by AuroraLaLune Eyes Sketch :iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 4 7 Kingdom Of The Cats by AuroraLaLune Kingdom Of The Cats :iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 1 0
Be You
There is a secret everyone knows
Sometimes people seem to forget
Everyone is judging you,Doesn't matter who you are
They only see one thing and they think they know, Everything there is to know about you
With everybody judging you what is the point in pretending to be anyone but you?
So many people forget
Everyone is judging you, hating you or loving you
So why not make sure it is you and not a mask?
Honesty integrity they do not come from secrecy
Do not hide your eyes
You are you so raise your head high
No matter what those people say
Everyone is judging you
That does not mean they know you
Might as well just be you,Because everyone is judging you
But only you can be you
Don't destroy who you are for who you think they want to see
Destroy that and you destroy what someone else adores
For even if you do not see it, someone does love you
So tune out the judging and just remember
Everyone is judging you
That does not mean that they know you
Do not destroy who you are for who you think th
:iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 1 0
Sometimes the stars are absent from the sky
Sometimes the moon ceases to reflect the light
Sometimes the darkest moment before the sun never gives way
To the sunrise
There are times when it's so dark you wonder if it's really all gone
Was what you lost really there at all?
Remember it is easiest to smile after you cry
Too often people who say they are there are the first to run when the promised time arrives
Too often a mirror shows the one person you least wish to see
Too often the darkest of days never ends
No it never ends
Remember who holds you and doesn't run away
That darkness might never fill with light and the cold will always be so cold
Light is precious, warmth even more so
Remember the bottom of Pandora's box
Remember the bottom of Pandora's box
:iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 2 0
Fire Calls The Mountain
Oh dear mountain hold me still
Lest my souls shatters ever burn
Catch the pieces of broken dreams
The innocent caught in between
There is a war of blood and fire
Where hearts are bleeding and children dying
Where innocence is what is lost
And guilty hold the brander's irons
Those that survive are they branded for life
This is war. It is fought with a pen as a sword
As lethal as the crush of death itself
So sound the drums and hide it all
Lest it all be taken from you too
Warriors step from the mountain
Save the children save us all
For those who have died take my soul to save my heart
People of the mountain call for the people of the sea and the air
For this is war and fires yours
Burn it all and sound the drums
Lest we all dance at the stones without our souls
Never resting
The time to answer the call
To ascend is now
:iconauroralalune:AuroraLaLune 0 0

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Happy Birthday Deviantart Questionnaire + Updates
Second time writing this because it got deleted....
This summarizes my deviantart experience.
1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Four years since Feburary 2011.
2. What does your username mean?
Viva is short for Aviva, my name. Fairy is for imagination and flying on the wings of imagination. The purposeful misspelling is for creativity and originality.
3. Describe yourself in three words.
Creative. Caring. Independant.
4. Are you left or right handed?
5. What was your first deviation?
Oh, my, don't judge. Homework.
6 What is your favourite type of art to create?
7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
8. What was your first favourite?
The first that I got was on Homework on October 11th, the day I posted it. The first I gave was on
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 1 8
Blaze by Dianabolique Blaze :icondianabolique:Dianabolique 71 43 Re-Imagine by yuumei Re-Imagine :iconyuumei:yuumei 64,734 3,241 Eyes Unclouded by yuumei Eyes Unclouded :iconyuumei:yuumei 26,216 644 Autum Breeze by yuumei Autum Breeze :iconyuumei:yuumei 25,375 686 My fate by Zolaida My fate :iconzolaida:Zolaida 5,736 344 Spirit of the Forest by Emerald-Depths Spirit of the Forest :iconemerald-depths:Emerald-Depths 1,969 214
Reaching for the Fireworks
A purple spark goes by 
I miss it by miles
Flashes in the sky
Can reach it through a miracle
But on my own: hopeless
I'm wishing, wishing throughout the day
Reaching, reaching
My hand out all the way
Hoping, hoping
That help will come my way today
But on my own: hopeless 
There is so much that we can do
We need the power to push through
My arm falls limp
Feel like a wimp
Dreams feel so far away today
A red spark goes by
My fingers stretch to reach it
Flashes through the sky
Challenging my grit
But on my own: hopeless
It's teasing, taunting, trying to stay away
I'm reaching, reaching
But my strength's fading away
So I'm hoping, hoping
That help will come my way today
But on my own: hopeless
Tears streaming down my cheeks
Dreams slip out of reach
Doubt fills my mind
It isn't worth my time
These fireworks won't stay
A blue spark goes by
My hand shoots to the top
Eyes wide, mind spinning
She wouldn't let me give up
She was listening, sympathizing, feeling my hope all the way
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 4 2
And now it's red by Saehral And now it's red :iconsaehral:Saehral 410 27 Blood Summons by Saehral Blood Summons :iconsaehral:Saehral 762 44 Sea Rider by Saehral Sea Rider :iconsaehral:Saehral 550 43 Commish: Siree by Saehral Commish: Siree :iconsaehral:Saehral 860 50


I would have made the castle more easily seen, sharper, but with more marks from the water, because you would be surprised at how clear...

well, a good idea to keep in mind is proportioning. elbows are not that far away from the bust and arms are not that long. then i would...


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United States
So, when I was around eighteen, nineteen, this was my result from the sixteen personality test…

Didn't take long for… to become my result and stay that way awhile.

Now I have apparently changed to a certain degree over the years.… Is apparently now my result.

No particular reason for pointing it out. I just found it ironic and amusing.

I find the result for the personality test no longer so much amusing as annoying.

The most spontaneity you will find in me is asking someone if they want to go somewhere without a week's notice ahead of time.

And I do not expect my friends to like everything I do. I do however have no patience for fakes or for people who say they want genuine and then get mad that I am genuine. That isn't negotiable. The fact they are so vague about it using the excuse it is a 'rare personality type' and 'only one percent of the population'... blah blah blah. Fuck you. Basically. That is how I feel about that.

I am rather disappointed. The previous results were actually accurate. This? It's just... like they don't even understand what they are talking about but think they do but at the same time like they also just have no fucking clue if they do or do not. It's such a confused read. Unclear.

You cannot say someone embodies an idea then say they are genuine and embody genuity.

As I said. Confused. Unclear. Like in creating this they didn't even know what they were saying.

Basically it adds up to 'we only know a few things and then some other things we think we know are in conflict because we really don't know'.

And then there is the fact they take this attitude like we are special cookies in that we don't like criticism. NO ONE likes criticism, so singling one group out because you can't think of anything else is indeed insulting. That being said if it is justified I will think about it, if it's not I will never forget it and probably never look to that person for anything of value in the way of feedback.

As far as the ethics, true. The workplace stuff, it's true, at least for me. I can't speak for anyone else and I won't do so about it.

OK... and is it really bad to value reliability and morality and hold those high on the list of things we want from people? I mean, aren't there worse things? Besides, I also enjoy people who are observant and whatnot as well.

It's not mysterious.

And if it is a situation where 'idealism and determination' are detriment it isn't a situation I want to be in. The very fact society today thinks lying and deceit in general are somehow acceptable is abhorrent. If you think valuing otherwise is a bad thing then I would really hate to see the people you surround yourself with and the things you excuse happening in the world around you as if you don't hold the ability to change them simply because you excuse them instead of changing them. That shit is choice not lack of ability. The truth is we all have that ability, just not all of us realize it. You just have to do it and stop making excuses for it. That is all.

There is nothing worse than honesty to someone who lives dishonestly.

This was the first time I have ever read a profile from them that was so vague and shit like that and NOT what people would call 'scary accurate' so I honestly am a bit miffed because this was tainted with personal opinions based on people who have been such, not based on actual traits or any sort of understanding. The general excuse for there not being the same amount of information calling said personality type 'mysterious' where others would detail what type of personalities are compatible friends often times etc etc etc, many things and whatnot and this one was just so entirely vague like they want you to feel it relates to you but they aren't sure what will.

Literally I am not actually all that different in my day to day life than I ever was. I just am more discerning about who gets close to me, don't particularly think people are inherently good nor do I trust them to be(then again I didn't before either, maybe in the beginning but not after, though I did trust everyone had at least a little bit of it in them-not anymore, the capacity yes but not straight out good in them, mostly I just think people are often filled with excuses for why they do things instead of reasons and it bugs me and I just generally have no desire to be around people who are part of the problems going on instead of the solution) and generally have a distaste for caring what people think of me understanding they will think whatever the fuck they want to and actually see less the more honest you are because it let's them project less crap as they want to see it.

The truth of the matter is it is no mystery how I became who I am or the contents of my character.

It just requires people to see that I have been through a bunch of crap at the hands of other people and I make choices with an awareness that comes from that.

So no. It's not mysterious. People just don't like uncomfortable truths.

Also if one thinks about it, it is also still at least a little amusing. Basically. 'the social introvert decided to become increasingly more comfortable in being an introvert because people they were supposed to be able to trust sucked ass so we don't know what to make of them! omg so mysterious! no one could possibly ever figure them out!' uh.... well. I am probably a terrible person for feeling that is kinda a strange sort of amusing, like the sort where you wonder if you should laugh or not because someone made themselves look like an idiot and your really not sure if it is actually OK to laugh about that or if you should simply feel sorry for them or feel bad for finding any sort of amusement in that specific part of something. Because most of the time it isn't funny but in this... sometimes... I dunno. It's like that. Hm. I think the word I am looking for, to describe it is bemused. Not quite amusing but then also makes you wonder if, if you laugh, you will end up being a terrible person or not... also if you should laugh because of the seriousness of the issue, considering how seriously a lot of people take this shit. It is indeed pretty serious when something people take like that is like that.

I am not mysterious. My personality 'type' is not mysterious.

Ignorance does no flattery.

If I had to guess, based on the people they say in history were this personality type, I'd say people who decided the world was crap and they wanted to do something about it and were sick of the people who didn't do anything about it or who were just wallowing in it and waiting for someone else to fix it, so they stepped up and told people 'ok, your all idiots, fix it your damn selves' but you know, were nice about it and all that shit, and tried to fix integral issues with corruption and all that shit. I don't think that makes those people mysterious. I think what creates that projections is the fact they don't want to think of those people as like everyone else so they determine it mystifying. The truth is it's really not. They were just people like you and me who went through crap and decided since they went through crap and everyone else was going through crap from this shit they were going to do something the fuck about it and show other people they too could do something the fuck about it come hell or high water.

That is what I think.

If they were extroverts nobody would be pretending they were mysterious. -.- People just like to project and that really isn't something that is nice or right. It is something people should keep in mind and stop. That is also where they got the stupid 'embody an ideal' shit and contradicts the whole 'embodies ingenuity'. Because those people weren't embodying ideals, people project those ideals because of things they stood for, chose to stand up and say 'this is wrong' or 'this is right' and there lives otherwise didn't exist strictly around an ideal. They were living breathing human beings. Being genuine and standing up against what was wrong and for what was right when the majority of society went along with it. They rocked the boat because it needed rocked.

So yeah, my personality type is apparently shared with embarrassingly idealized people like martin luthor king jr and mother Theresa but... those people were not ideals and there lives did contain other things.

It's not mysterious. People just want to see it as such instead of just admit anyone can or that those people were just people like everyone else.

Hence projecting that onto an entire personality type.

I think they only even get away with it because it is supposed to be a rare personality type. Personally I don't think that is a reason to make it such a shit profile with so little of actual substance.

I mean basically it's a personality type that looks at the rest of society when shit is fucked up and goes 'excuse me. what are you doing?!' And you know, says something when everyone else has gotten nice and comfy with things the way they are despite the fact it is wrong.

Also, they say people of that personality type are 'popular'. I about lost my shit laughing at that one. I have never been popular a day in my life.

Hard working, honest, but not popular. In fact I was pretty much berated and overall treated terribly until I had a pretty bad social anxiety well into my teens that dissipated within a couple years for the most part after I simply stopped talking to my grandmother as an adult, the one who made me constantly feel like that and forbade me from doing normal things like talking to other teens, having friends outside of church or school, that sort of thing. I mean I used to hide in a fucking tree at school but I was so invisible for the most part it was only one or two people who ever really knew and the adults were pretty much oblivious. The one time I was noticed was because I stuck down my leg so a friend would know because she looked upset and I wanted to let her know I was up there. I didn't have a ton of friends but I did have them. That same teacher who made me get down didn't notice me any other day before or after that and she walked by that tree around the same time everyday. Wasn't like I was honestly all that hidden either. I had a clear view of things and if they looked, they had a clear view of me too. They just didn't look. Plus I usually got down and went to sit by my first class after lunch before it would start a little early so another friend who would show up early could have her daily glomp. A whole lot of people thought they knew everything about me because when I did talk I talked a lot but if you asked them what my favorite color was to this day none of them would be able to tell you. My birthday. My favorite flower. Nothing. They thought they knew but the reality is often times people project what they want to see.

At the very least it DOES get traits the previous test missed. I was never upset about that though as that is normal for this sort of thing but to flat out insinuate traits not present at all? And it's not even straight up about it. Like it doesn't know if we are spontaneous or if we plan obsessively or... just anything really. Whoever made that doesn't know so they insinuated a little of each.

Just to be clear, it's not unusual for me to make plans weeks, months, even years in advance if possible and while I can roll with things when the time calls for it, there are times I will have to say 'i am already in the middle of something else, I wish you had told me at least___ in advance'. Like when the person who has been there longer than I have at the office calls me not even twenty minutes beforehand... we established pretty early on I need a couple hours at least if plans are going to change because bus and family, and at times because I am engaged in something for advocacy and it's not something I can put down at that time(usually I can if it is research for something but if something is going on more directly and the shit is looming on the horizon then no-because it cannot wait). So I can roll with the punches but I plan everything and have as my better half puts it, back up plans for my back up plans. This however is not new and has been a trait I have had since the first personality test I took with the sixteen personality test thing.

It's just the things it did say were embarrassingly true at the time I took the other tests. Just not this time which is what is kinda irksome about it. I guess it can't handle the slightest shift in my personality, which is natural for people to go through as they grow older and all that. I mean I basically kept the second one for a number of years and periodically took the test just for shits and giggles to see if it would say the same thing. I'm not so sure I should take it again after this simply because of this shit.

I do have to admit though, imagining mother Theresa using the type of language I use when not in a more professional setting... is... kind of amusing. I mean in the office of course I don't talk like that, might offend peoples delicate sensibilities with too much honesty or stronger words than they know how to handle but... still. Amusing to imagine mother Theresa or any number of the rest of them on that list using the sort of language that can come out of my mouth when little ears are not present. lol I mean I can basically use profanity in several languages, a couple of which I actually speak outside of that. lol To be honest it's easier as you learn a language if you already know how to offend people in it because then you already know how to offend them. It becomes that much harder to offend them on accident.

To be clear, im not mother Theresa or anything like that, in fact I am not even sure I am like her. All I know of her is an image. Things I saw on the news when I was a kid even. So as far as I know, im just me. I am neither rich nor popular. My enemies are my enemies because I stand for things they do not want stood for, however the people around me, of them, few of them do I have conflict with and when I do have conflict with them I usually try to resolve it, if not I will simply wait for the right time to tell them they didn't scare me off, because sometimes people like that to think so. I value my friends but only those who truly are, and I have standards about that because people can suck royally when they choose to do so and often like to play down the choice it actually is, however, I do try to be the best person I can and really, that is all anyone can do isn't it? I don't do fair weather friends because the weather can always be either fair or foul any moment and friends who are only there when weather is fair and then leave you out in the storm are not friends at all nor would I trust them to be after having done so.

That being said, ill rock the boat and often times it makes me more enemies than friends however it does get me support from places I do not expect at times so I don't know where they get popularity from. Aren't popular people supposed to have a lot of friends and not ever have to face shit by themselves? Because there have been plenty of times in my life I have had to face the world and anything people felt like they could get away with doing for whatever excuse they came up with without anyone but myself to count on. I have lived through having cowards for friends, people who could weather a little bit of sprinkle but when the real trouble began fled and left me behind knowing I didn't have that luxury then got pissed off when I told them exactly so and used that as there excuse even. People are people and it is our choices that make us. I am often the very opposite because I refuse to say things I don't mean to stroke someones fucked up ego. When I speak I am honest and not everyone knows how or wants to deal with honesty.

And when I am called wise I honestly wish to scream that I am not wise and common sense should be common because common sense is obviously in dire need when people call someone saying it wise. I am not wise. I just have a head on my shoulders, know how to use it, and wish everyone else would too. I don't even care if people all agree, I just want them to think and see the world for what it is not what they wish to see because if you do not see it for what it is you cannot make it into what it needs to be which indeed could be what you wish to see, but then if your too busy ignoring shit you can't very well change shit can you.

Rather disappointing. I expected better.



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